Take Your Time

What did you learn about the Universe today?


Maybe you learned the Sun, our Solar System’s great, glowing star, completes an orbit around the center blackhole of the Milky Way Galaxy every 225 million years!!


Or, maybe you heard that there are an estimated 400 billion stars in our galaxy and an estimated 500 million Earth-like planets circling these stars?!


I bet you found out about the 7 billion billion billion (7*1027) separate atoms fixed together to make up your human body?? What a load of star power!


You probably discovered the meaning of infinity today. From the theory of the multiverse to the existence of other dimensions, we live in a space that has no end and no beginning… :O!!


To conclude, I am almost certain it will not shock you at all to learn you are made of the dust that rocks the stars. Your being is as infinite as the skies.


Take your time. Space is full of it.






They close us in boxes and bury us in holes.

They separate us from our truth and from the essence of our souls.



So much love for videos like this one. A work of art that wrenches my heart, opens my mind, and shifts the collective conscious.


We are one,


Vegan Cheats: Let the Haters Hate

What’s Veganism? How do you do it?? Gosh, that’s so hard. You can’t eat anything. I could never. I love meat.

I hear at least one of these phrases everyday.

Here’s the deal: I love my Vegan diet so, when I meet fun people, I want to share this super awesome way-of-life with them! Bummer is, most would rather stay closed and comfortable than be open to a new idea. So instead of getting hot-and-bothered with those who do not see (or better yet, chose to ignore) how meat/dairy/egg consumption contributes to devastation across the board, I have decided to let it go. The Plant Based diet has introduced me to some pretty delicious and unbelievably healthy foods. If you ain’t down, fine. More for me.

Jokes aside, if you are interested in the benefits of a Plant Based diet, below is a cheat sheet to help you begin your journey. If you already eat Vegan/Veggie Heavy, then here are some new ideas or reminders for great go-tos.

Kite Hill Cheese

This creamy goodness is made with almond milk and is pasteurized in a similar fashion as cow/sheep/goat milk. All the flavor, none of the fat. My favorites are the Ricotta and the Soft ripened – Keen to a Camembert. Great on Whole Grain Toast, Flaxseed Crackers, Veggie Burger Patties, etc.



Tofurky Sausages

This sausage is delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Fry it up in a pan, hot-dog style, to slip it in a bun for a healthy alternative, or cut the sausage in slices, hamburger style, to mix into a Veggie Scramble, a Pasta/Quinoa Concoction, or a Sugar Free Stir-Fry. Hint: Sun-Dried Tomato Basil is by far the best.


Amy’s Kitchen Canned Goods/Frozen Foods

So many options for Veggie eaters. This brand has it down – Accommodating a Plant Based diet in the majority of their products. Any of the soups are good, but the Lentil Vegetable, the French Country, the Golden Lentil, and Curried Lentil are favorites in our house. The Refried Beans are a winner, the Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese is bomb, and the Tofu Scrambles are all just fab.


Majestic Sprouted Hummus/Dips

Absolutely incredibly! I never go more than a day without it stocked in the fridge and usually take home two containers from the grocery store just to be sure I always have it at home. The Cayenne and Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus’ are the best, in my book. As far as the Garlic Dip, the shelf is yours. All of the flavors are mouthwatering. Enjoy with Avo, Crackers, Kale Stems (like celery), Celery, Carrots – ANYTHING. It’s a versatile product. Try it and you will instantly understand.


Califa Farms Almondmilk

The best choice on the milk shelf – in my opinion. The Toasted Coconut is my favorite and my roomie bear is obsessed with the Cold Brew Coffee. All of it is so tasteful. It puts cow curd to shame. Great ways to use this yummy treat: As a Smoothie base, with Granola and Berries, mixed in some Protein Powder, or to simply sip it on it’s own. Super refreshing!


NuttZo Organic Seven Nut & Seed Butter

Herbivores need a hearty snack once in a while and this spread does the trick. The taste is really Earthy and fulfilling. There’s no artificial junk or added sugar, which really allows you to taste the wholeness of this wonderful seed/nut creation. Spread it on some healthy toast, sprinkle atop chia seeds, cinnamon, and agave nectar and you have got yourself the most questionable sweet treat out there. “Like, is this actually good for me?”. Or scoop a spoonful out and eat as is. Always a good call.


These are just some highlights from a typical Vegan Shopping List. In addition, it is encouraged to indulge in a variety of raw fruits and veggies, to find supplements that fit your new needs, and to experiment with all kinds of cool vegan protein powders and essential nutrient mixtures to boost your energy, vitality, and overall personal radiance.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of truth to the back-lash saying “organic food is so much more expensive”, but supply and demand are co-dependent. Thus, the more demand we create by buying Plant Based foods – The more supply will be forced to increase, providing cheaper, more diverse, and sustainably produced organic, healthy foods all around.


To wrap things up, Plant Based eating is not only a more conscious way to live, but it is also really fun, extremely tasty, and just plain exciting. Bon appetit!


Published on Collective Evolution: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/01/26/vegan-cheats-it-doesnt-matter-if-animal-eaters-hate-more-for-us/


Live for Love

Wake each sunrise knowing you will connect with something or someone beautiful. Set your intention to live each moment on this Earth amid the light of our Star always with an open mind and a strong heart.  As the days unwind, your core space grows.

you are nature

Each choice made and each decision followed will lead you down a path. Whatever road you land on is the right one. You are exactly where you need to be. Let go of your fears. Trust your gut. Be a bridge to the land of your dreams.

sacred lovers

As you define your own destiny, you discover your path is intertwined with the infinite. You are one with nature and therefore you can manifest everything that ever was or is into your present reality.


Time is relative and you are awakening. Your spirit sparks into an understanding. The stars that shine in this Universe are seen in a new light by your eye. Your Soul plugs in. Your dreams become reality and reality fades into a dream.

It all starts and ends with LOVE.



Flower of Life

Let this awesome video spark your imagination and light your core. We are so much more than our Conscious Mind and Human Body. We are Flowers of Life.


May you spin like the Winds and soar like the Heavens,


In it to Shift it

Each person’s perspective is like a bubble all their own. You live within it and you make it out of whatever stuff you’ve got lying around. From the things you read to the foods you eat, it all circles your being.

If you don’t like a bubble that you’ve made, all you have to do is pop that tosser and blow some better ones. Just keep creating the worlds you want until the stuff that circles your being is totally in line and aligned with the truth you feel inside.


bubble world

Sometimes I think it would be nice to run away from toxic bubbles in my sphere. Like our ruthless systems of control or our attachments to misguided beliefs – I’ll just skip off into a field of daisies and perch atop a luscious green hill and let my worries fade away with the sweet smelling wind.


Well, that just won’t fly. Where’s the challenge? The energy? The relationships?? Like my good friend Mario once told me, you have to play the game to beat the game.

You gotta be in it to shift it.


Game on.



Illusion of Seperation

How could you feel lonely when you are literally whole and fully connected to everything that ever was or is?!?!

Okay… It sounds wild and quite hard to imagine how in the galaxies this makes sense, but hear me out (read me out).



This Universe and the beings who exist within are like the Human Body and the cells that live within. We don’t separate the cells and identify them all individually. Doctors do, but for purpose of this post let’s think like everyday people. We don’t say “yeah, one of my stomach cells didn’t agree with that broccoli I had. That cell needs to figure it out” – No, we say, I have a stomach ache. Me. This one thing – My body, is aching and I need some good ‘ol ginger juice. Anyway, the cells connect to the consciousness and you all work together to make the ache go away.

The same is true for a Human Being in relation to the Universe. You are a cell in this Cosmic Body of stars, energies, and absolute magic. Try to imagine and intuitively understand that this Infinite Body of matter and motion is not only an extension of your Infinite Soul, but it is literally and metaphysically YOU. You are not alone here. You are divine.


It is true that sometimes the hardest things to see are the things right in front of your face. A cell cannot fully understand the reality of the Body, but still they work to serve a greater purpose. Thank you cells for keeping us Humans healthy!


cell love


As conscious life-forms in the body of the Universe, we too serve a greater purpose. No, it’s not to fill your pockets or to inflate your Ego.  It’s not to collect likes or followers or status. We are here to make this Universe a healthy one. We are here to radiate rad vibes. AKA, the thing to do is SHINE –

Adventure. Wander. Get lost in your dreams to discover your ultimate potential. Grow your heart space. Identify with nothing and get to know everything. Be at peace, but be able to adapt with the flow of tides. Know the path you walk, but challenge your self to reach wonders. Listen to Prana. Connect to your Soul. Fall in love with this world every single day that you rise. Be grateful for the little things. Manifest the big things. And trust your inner voice over all else.

illusion of seperation

brain universe

I really and truly hope whoever reads this finds some truth here – Unless you already know ;)  Loneliness is a terrible feeling that can just grip your core and rattle your peace. Love is infinite though and the reality is, you are not one bit separated from everything else. The Universe holds you.


Infinite Love and Peace and Balance and Success,



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