Become Your Poet

Is it just me, or do poets, artists, and even gardeners inspire you to be a better human? It’s like they have a secret and when they share it with you, suddenly a new color appears on the wild canvas of your life.


The part of you that hears a lovely song and smiles, or watches Titanic and cries, is the Poet inside. Your Poet is always here, watching carefully, taking it all in. Poet sits back and lets you tinker with your tools, however strange it may seem.


Poet is in every person of every kind. And each Poet knows the other like old friends — as if each person’s Poet was a single branch on the Tree of Life. Your Poet is in your core at all times. To find it, you must look within. Fear only fear itself. Find peace of mind.


Meditate into this place. Christians call it the Soul. Buddhist call it the Self. Focus your energy here. Listen and be kind to this place, as if you were walking through a jungle, each leaf a delicate part of the greater whole. As you extend your hand to your Poet, Poet takes a step to you. Soon enough, your life will radiate meaning – full of fractal pattern, ponderable mystery, romantic colors – becoming a symphony.


Make the world a more beautiful place. Become your Poet.




Island Universes

We are particles and molecules,

Motion and commotion.

We are light waves and energy.

Friction and attraction.

I am electricity. I am air. I am fire. I am water.



Teach your heart to be at peace in your universe – in your rocking ocean of consciousness, in your infinite particles of mass, in your vast depths of space.

You are never alone.

You are an Island Universe.




True Love

You can’t pick who you are,

You just are who you are.

You look the way you look, like the things you like –

And you love who you love.


You can’t chose who you love.

You don’t like or dislike who you love.

You just fully accept who you love –


For their good side and bad,

For the happy times and sad.


You grow, change, and come to know –

Who you are above all else.

So love who you love who you are,

And chose to be true to yourself.






Wilderness of Bodied Stars

We work our brains off for the dollar, we sweat day and night, physically and mentally for the dollar. We beg the dollar to raise our children well, to keep them safe. We give our lives to this dollar.

Who is the dollar? President Benjamin Franklin? President Andrew Jackson? President George Washington? The dollar is a symbol of our devotion to being sell outs to the biggest scam on the internet: Oligarchic Capitalism.


The problem with creating a blame game in regards to America’s present socio-economic structure, is that blame does not belong in the hands of billionaires, nor in the hands of foreign immigrants. We cannot point the finger at the Man. We must turn and look within. The problem is that we, as a people, have forgotten how to believe in ourselves.

We are the home of the brave. The land of the free. The place where culture is as vibrant as a parade in New Orleans or the canyons in Utah. A culture as beautiful as a play on Broadway or as stunning as the night sky in Joshua tree. America’s culture is Coachella, Colorado, and George R. R. Martin wrapped into a Country. We are as magnificent as the volcano islands in Hawaii and as strong as the Rocky Mountains in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. We are this place of dreams, don’t you see?

People around the world are shining the light on us Americans. We are also choosing to shine the light on ourselves. How is Monsanto a legitimate company? The Legislative and Executive Branch of our Government is corrupt. Why are we, as a company of people, drone bombing families in the streets of the Middle East? The CIA is corrupt. How can we allow any child born in this country founded by the people and for the people to experience poverty ? The country our forefathers manifested from dreams, has retreated back into the world of memory.


Sweet change is in the oh so warming air. A shift in the way people view our precious earth, in the way we understand connection, and, most importantly, an evolution in the way we view time – our time with our loved ones, our time on this planet, our time in the realm of existence. Life is this really abstract thing, why suffer when we can fly?

To allow serious suffering in our economy means we have come full circle, becoming our arch-enemy: the European Dark Ages. Well, if John D. Rockefeller is King Henry the Eighth’s estranged son, then Millennials are Capitalism’s love child.  The future does not resemble concrete walls, it looks like the pyramids of Egypt. Our future does not look like a Starbucks coffee cup, it looks like a painting by Matisse or Alice’s wonderland.

If we do it for the dollar, will we be selling out? Is the Soul too big, bright, and pure to deserve a life married to such a materialistic farce?  We as a people, as the wilderness of bodied stars, must unite in spirit and in heart. Teach your children to be fair. Make decisions that feel good. Be the best you you can be.



You deserve the Universe. You are divine.





Water Love

Whether you are online or offline, remind your person to put out anger instead of adding flames. Negativity spreads like a beastly wildfire. It catches and destroys all life in its path. Be water. Grow a positive message.


Born from the ashes of today’s fires will be the world of tomorrow. One of love, truth, and harmonic peace. Raise it. Love it. Water it.


Thank you, Prince Ea. xo

Trump vs. Bernie

For all the concerned citizens of the global economy, I want to personally assure you: We know Donald Trump is terrible. Our government is a bit of a mess. We’re trying… In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic comedy bit. Anthony Atamanuik, killin’ trump softly.



don't keep calm.jpg

Stand up. Speak out. Take action. Make change. Love life. Laugh often.


Peace xo