Trump vs. Bernie

For all the concerned citizens of the global economy, I want to personally assure you: We know Donald Trump is terrible. Our government is a bit of a mess. We’re trying… In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic comedy bit. Anthony Atamanuik, killin’ trump softly.



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Stand up. Speak out. Take action. Make change. Love life. Laugh often.


Peace xo


Waters of Time

Apparently, water has a memory. So I’ve been thinking… If water has a memory, then what is the conscious nature of the cosmic flow of space/time?


Prana is the Sanskrit word for Life Force energy. Prana is like the heartbeat of the Universe. You cannot see it, but, if you listen very carefully, you can FEEL it. It is the movement of the intergalactic continuum. It’s the force that causes the orbiting of planets far and wide. The life force energy is the twisting and turning of DNA strands and the perpetual push/pull of atomic particles.

field of stars

Everyday is an adventure when you think about how incredibly awesome our Universe is. We live in a cosmic wonderland! Did you know, when you shake a person’s hand, your skin molecules never physically touch the other person’s skin molecules? Also, what the heck are emotions and where in the toot do they originate? 

So, what IS the nature of our time in space? What is reality really? Reality might merely be a single reflection on the surface of the waters of time.  Each time we close our eyes to dance in the land of dreams, we tip our toes into these shallow waters. Listen to your heartbeat. As you do, you will hear the cosmic ocean sway and share precious words, softly spoken, with the divine Universe.


Just keep swimming… xo

Optimistic Starfish

Hear the music of the trees and your heart will always dance

See the colors of the cosmos and your eye will understand

Feel at peace with time’s eternity to fall in love forever

Dream with every breath so your conscious can remember


Sway easy with the shifting winds to always find your groove

Become the mountain, bold and brave, to overcome your mood

Grow your soul from seed to self to fly beyond the skies

Circle around and connect the dots like planets in your eyes


Touch starlight with your fingertips to feel your heartbeat pound

Plant your feet with every thought to sink deeply to the ground

For black and white may bound us in this current of space and time

But a flower of life will always blossom in the garden of your mind




Oasis in Space

Reflecting on the other planets out in the Universe…

opposable thumbs

Beyond our protective atmosphere, the majority of planets in the Milky Way are forever hurricanes, endless deserted plains, or choking skies with acidic rains. Almost everywhere we look, we find worlds unfit to harbor life.

A galactic sunflower

So what? What does it matter? Well, knowing the great rarity of planets like our sweet Mother Earth, makes a person feel very grateful for the colors of this precious place and the freedom of breath itself. How lucky we are to breathe in clean air. How cool is the opportunity to explore the rocking and wondrous oceans on our Blue Planet. Every single day, we have a chance to live in harmony with the billowing nature that exists on this diamond in the rough – the beautiful green trees, the thundering mountain tops, the rich mineral grounds – all aspects of a special planet so many of us take for granted.



Consider looking back to see how far our species has come. Then, I implore you to look ahead to see how far we have left to grow.


Cherish your breath. Walk with gratitude. Feel the love.




Meditation Techniques – Visualizations

Aside from tuning into your breath or your heartbeat, below are some techniques to help you enhance or to discover a meditation practice.

As you close your eyes, imagine your thoughts becoming the descriptions below. Visualize yourself completing the actions described. Allow your troubles to disappear with each mindful manifestation. When you use visuals during meditation, the mind paints a more vivid picture of your decision to let go of the troubles. It helps connect, deep in your core, the intention to find a peace of mind.




You are surrounded by a great fire. See the orange glow all around you. Feel the heat and smell the smoke. Maybe you are on a beach or inside in a comfortable space. Your thoughts become words written on blank paper. Each idea or worry that pops into your head is a small note. You let your them go into the fire – Each piece of paper dissolves and becomes one with the flames.  Allow  your worries, your anticipations, your regrets, and your deepest fears to burn.



You are in a wide, green field, surrounded by clouds. Before you is a large yellow balloon. Each thought that crosses your mind is blown, like a deep breath of air, into the balloon. As you listen to your breath and let your thoughts pass by, the size of the balloon in your mind’s eye expands. When finished, you make a conscious choice to let the balloon fly high into the skies, taking your worries out of sight and out of mind.



Firmly rooted. Strong as the Earth itself. Observant and not easily moved. You have become a Mountain. As you feel your power, your thoughts become clouds passing you by. You simply watch as your worries and your troubles fade through the skies, barely touching your core, just breezing through your mind. Though it will try, your inner turmoil cannot move you. You are a Mountain and, for now, your feelings fade away with the wind.



Wherever you are, picture your surroundings – The grounds, the walls, the shape of the area in which you breathe. Imagine you are an architect, building a floor plan of the space around you. Every nook and cranny, every twist and turn becomes a map in your mind. Feel the format of the planet. Travel higher and see Earth afloat in Space. Soar to the Moon to look back, observing our world with an outside perspective. Visualize the big picture to avoid zeroing in on the little problems of your day-to-day life.




You are in a shimmering lake. A rushing wall of water faces you. As thoughts arise in your mind, you take a deep breath and walk beneath the falls. Feel each H2O molecule roll off your shoulders – Each atom a concern from your past or of your future, dripping down your back and cleansing your spirit of the unease.  As the moving water reaches the lake, it finds stillness. So too, do you find a peace of mind as you step from beneath the waterfall.




Another great tool is to file your thoughts away as soon as they arise by giving the memory or idea a color based on the emotion you feel. Maybe the thought is of heartache – Red. Or maybe you remembered that task you need to complete at work tomorrow – Blue. Whatever it is, coat that notion in a color, then send the labeled thought bubble off into the distant canvas of space.



Whether you meditate on a regular basis or are too confused by the notion to give it a go, I hope this article helps you along your journey. There are numerous ways to visualize the release of your tension. The practices above are only just a few techniques to make the process of letting go more comfortable.

It is very important to liberate ourselves from the constant white noise that rushes through our heads.  You have the ability to be free at any and every moment. All you have to do is find peace, feel your power, and belive in the cosmic love that surrounds us all.



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